Best of Best grow light 2015 is why we only sell Nano Tech grow light systems

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When we have the very best grow and industrial light systems on the planet, why would we sell anything else? The GLS1000 Grow Light System is like the actual Sun indoors and it is the closest light to real sunlight ever invented and more intense higher PAR value than 1000w HPS (high pressure sodium) lights. The “GLS” Grow Light System generates artificial sunlight through our propriety patented lamp/bulb which is only manufactured on in our laboratory using nanometer frequencies to energize specific plants species.  Our fixtures have a proprietary high technology nanometer high-crystal reflector coating design. The “GLS” Grow Light System emits a full spectrum of colors, which includes UVB for the most natural spectrum available. Our grow light systems grow plants 3/4 inch faster per day than the 1000w HPS double ended bulb (high pressure sodium) and use an average of 65% less electricity. The metal halide bulb is 5% of the lighting equation and the Nano tech coating is 95%, which magnifies the light at into huge multiples.

IENA 2015 Award for Nano Light fixtures
Research has proven seedlings, cuttings and mature plants under our “GLS” Grow Light System will develop faster than any other indoor grow light sources.  Increased lateral branching, faster growth and higher yields exemplify the “GLS” Grow Light Systems benefits for plant growth. Plants will grow up to three (3) times heaver. The “GLS” Grow Light System light source is built tough with Solid State circuitry and no moving parts in a completely sealed housing for reliability. There is little to no radiant heat from the light source allowing you to place the light closer to the tops of plants without burning them – which increases light intensity for better plant development. 

Best grow light of 2015 is the GLS1000 Grow Light System which represents the latest, greatest invention and innovation in indoor gardening light sources.  Superior functionality and unmatched performance make the “GLS” Grow Light System your best choice in Grow Lights!