Comparison Specifications 1

GLS Nano Street Light Our grow light system produces luminous evenness in high-efficiency-energy-saving system is the closest source to sunlight invented to date. GLS1000 uses a revolutionary light bulb only manufactured in our labortaries to produce ultra high UV radiation and UV heat to complete our High-efficiency Energy-saving systems.  The power factor is 99.4%. “GLS” high-efficiency energy-saving lamp saves energy, exhibits high efficiency, high color-rendering and high color temperature.GLS light compared to

We mounted our "GLS" light system on a street light pole so you can see the brightness and color difference between our light and a high pressure sodium street light. Both images on the left and the right show our "GLS" light system compared to 700w sodium lights. Notice the yellow hue that radiates from the sodium lights.

If our "GLS" produce this much illumination from a large distance away, then image how much your plants will love this illumination up close.

Grow Light Speed Systems Now Available to the Public