Efficient lighting systems with Nano Technology

Efficient lighting from GLS Nano lights

For every 500 watts of continuous use, you spend $100 a month in electricity. We guarantee the “GLS” Nano Tech lights use 75% less power to output much more lumens at the same power level, and will pay for itself (return on investment) in very little time. From then on, continuous savings will multiply significantly. This is a simple initial cost vs. operating costs calculation, and “GLS” will give you massive savings with more light being available. Sodium or HID lighting also produces lots of heat, which can be problematic in and causes much more air condition energy use. GLS Nano Tech lights are 60% more efficient then the comparable LED lights, and are 3 years ahead of LED lighting technology.

GLS Nano tech efficient lighting

Efficient lighting systems are GLS lighting fixtures which run significantly cooler, and will lowered your energy bills by 75%. They are also able to deliver more wavelengths of light that exist in the sun's natural spectrum then what any HID or LED lighting is capable of.

•Substantially lowers energy costs compared to all commercial or industrial lighting

•10 year warranty and we guarantee with replacement of ceramic metal halide bulb the GLS light fixture will be just as bright and efficient 10 years from now.

• Efficient lighting systems GLS Nano Tech lights are the most efficient lights ever invented


GLS Nano Efficient Lights offers huge electrical savings over LED Lighting and HPS (sodium)

Electrical savings over LED and HPS (high pressure sodium)