Explosion Proof Industrial Nano lighting Fixtures

Grow Light Speed has a product line of explosion proof lighting and provides 30,000+ square feet of work area coverage of light output per fixture. GLS offers a wide selection of explosion proof lighting products designed to Article 500 of the National Electric Code (NEC) for Class 1, Division 1 Hazardous Locations. GLS Nano lights are built to meet the highest standards and provide safe and extreme illumination in hazardous locations. Ideal for mining, gas, oil, petroleum, and energy industries. In mines and remote locations diesel generators use 70% less fuel using the GLS Nano lights, compared to a 400w metal halide fixture.

Our scientist developed the reflective surface coating on our fixtures at the Nano-meter level (atom level) placing atom crystals in strategic patterns to produce unsurpassed brilliance with a spectrum of colors impossible to produce until today. In simple terms, our scientists developed our reflective surfaces by arranging and rearranging crystal atoms. These crystals are faceted with millions upon millions of tiny edges sending every color in the light spectrum and obtaining the optimum brilliance, hence our light is the closest to sunlight. This explains the massive brightness our light produces that no one has ever seen, over 400% brighter than the bulb itself. We truly have the most scientific and technologically advanced lighting systems ever invented.


Explosion proof lights wide angel from GLS Nano Tech lighting

Explosions Proof Wide Angle 210 Degree Nano Light Fixture GLS7706

This portable lightweight Nano light has a perfect diameter so it can easily fit into 24 inch man ways for cleaning vessels in the petrochemical industry or cleaning out fuel cells in the marine industry. The Nano Technology reflector and lamp on this unit produces a wide angle flood pattern of light capable of reaching 350-400 feet in length, which is ideal for illuminating enclosed areas such as tanks and containers and is suitable for hazardous locations where flammable vapors and gases may be present.
The non-sparking and adjustable base bracket of this 150 watt Nano Tech fixture enables the operator to simply pick up the entire assembly and move it to a new location. The lamp can be easily adjusted up, down and locked into position. Included with this light is the ease of mobility and 210 degrees of coverage offers an effective alternative to often cumbersome explosion proof string lights..
This unit can be operated on 220-240-277 volts. Equipped with Class 1 explosion proof straight blade plug.


Explosion proof lights spot 160 degree from GLS Nano Tech lighting


Explosion Proof Spot indoor 160 Degree Nano Light Fixture GLS7703

Nano Lights Electrical Savings over LED and HPS (sodium)