Multi-Level Growing Equals Double FootprintMulti-level and vertical farming with GLS Nano tech grow lights

•Multi-level growing is a revolutionary approach to producing high quantities of quality harvests all year round, without relying on skilled labor, favorable weather, high soil fertility or high water usage.
•Vertical farming can double and even triple your current warehouse space
•Due to the tremendous reduction of heat, fires are basically eliminated
•Growing cycles are consistent and reliable, allowing commercial growers to confidently commit to delivery schedules and supply contracts, without any crop losses.
•With the reduction of electricity, circuits are maximized and safer
•Doubling you footprint also can double your yield/harvest
•One “GLS” grow light system covers over 36 square feet
4 multi-levels of indoor vertical farming
•The Best Grow Light Technology 2015!
•Longer life expectancy for fixture (10 years)
•Produce temperatures of only 47 degrees Celsius (after 8 hours)
•Most advanced grow light system for medical marijuana, 100% Guaranteed
•With reduced heat, GLS lights are kept 12-15 inches from the top of the plant thru the entire growth cycle
•Grow Light Speed GLS1000 grow light systems are currently being used by some of the largest growers in Colorado and California


Grow Light Speed Systems GLS1000 Best of the Best Grow Lights for Multi-level and Vertical Farming

GLS Grow Light Fixtures are Totally Waterproof

It is impossible (until now) with the present day lighting to grow plants on top of each other. Four reasons why, heat from the bulbs, excessive circuitry (1000w bulbs), the large distance the light has to be from the plant, and the fixture has to be waterproof. 1000w light fixtures do not like water!

Grow Light Speed with Nano Technology has solved all four issues, fixture produces minimum heat, minimum electricity, the best desired results are using our grow lights 12-15 inches from the plant tops, and all of our grow lights are waterproof.

With plants on top of plants you obviously have lights on top of lights, so consequently when you water your plants on the top level, the water will find the many ways to come down to the bottom levels. So your grow light system has to be waterproof before you can do multi-level growing.

Except for out CBD crops our grow facilities are fully enclosed and climate controlled.  We completely remove external environment factors such as disease, pest or predator attacks. It also means our grow facilities are not dependent on fertile arable land and can be established in any climatic region globally irrespective of seasonal daylight hours and extremes in temperature.

Our grow system installations are commercially competitive and predictable. Minimum overheads and grow costs are maintained through:

Our lighting fixtures greatly reduce heat, which reduces A/C energy usage for climate control and is the direct result of not requiring sunlight inside the growing area which enables the use of high thermal efficiency rooms within the standard poly greenhouses.

Grow Light Speed growing facilities are fully automated with automatic SMS text messaging for any faults. Manual labor is only required on-site for planting, harvesting and packaging of crops - and the required skill levels are very low.

Being a totally closed growing system with controlled transpiration losses, Grow Light Speed grow systems use around 25% of the water required for traditional open field farming. Water from transpiration is harvested and re-used and spent nutrient water is also processed for re-use.
Grow Light Speed grow systems growing environments are fitted with strong bio-security procedures to eliminate pest and disease attacks. Total elimination of the need for foliar sprays, pesticides and herbicides in cropping systems results in harvests that are disease free and clean.
With the use of high efficiency Nano Technology in Grow Light Speed’s (GLS) lighting technology ensures minimum power usage for maximum plant growth. Plants grow up to 30% faster. Computer management of photosynthetic wavelengths in harmony with phase of crop growth further minimizes energy use while ensuring optimized crop yields. 
Profitability in commercial horticulture requires the ability to cost-effectively and consistently provide plants with optimum growing conditions from germination through to harvest. Grow Light Speed grow systems monitors and controls the levels of air, water and nutrition to provide optimum growing requirements with a fully integrated computer management system.
Irrespective of external conditions, Grow Light Speed grow systems can reliably provide more harvests per year than open field agriculture and other farming practices. Crop cycles are also faster due to the systems’ Nano Technology, controlled temperature, humidity, daylight hours optimization and the use of biophonic biologically active organic plant nutrients. The systems can produce excellent grade harvests in as little as 65 days.
High-intensity low-energy Nano Technology lighting has been specifically developed and are used for maximum growth rates, high reliability and cost-effective operation.  The duration and intensity of the specific parts of the light spectrum that plants use during different stages of their growth is carefully programmed into the computer management system. This ground-breaking technology has dramatic effects on plant growth rates and yields.