Efficient lighting systems Nano Tech Industrial and Grow Lights

Our scientist developed the reflective surface coating on our fixtures at the Nano-meter level (atom level) placing atom crystals in strategic patterns to produce unsurpassed brilliance with a spectrum of colors impossible to produce until today. In simple terms, our scientists developed our reflective surfaces by arranging and rearranging crystal atoms. These crystals are faceted with millions upon millions of tiny edges sending every color in the light spectrum and obtaining the optimum brilliance, hence our light is the closest to sunlight. This explains the massive brightness our light produces that no one has ever seen, over 99.3% efficient. We truly have the most scientific and technologically advanced grow light system ever invented.

•100% of our technology is our proprietary nanometer high-crystal pattern coating on our reflector design that magnifies the light into huge multiples
•Extreme heat reduction from high pressure sodium and conventional lights
•Air/conditioning and cooling costs are eliminated
•Longer warranty and life expectancy for (10 years)
•Produce temperatures of only 47 degrees Celsius (after 8 hours)
•10 year manufactures warranty
•Warehouse, street lights and parking lot lights replace 300w to 1000w sodium HPS lights
•Nano light technology is 3 years ahead of all lighting technology
•The power factor is 99.4%.

We were fortunate en ought to have Inna Ivishik, a graduate student in the Pappalardo Fellow in the department of physics at MIT, who was able to research out grow light systems.

Here are Inna's comments:

“The light fixtures are coated with nanometer sized crystals, arranged in a pattern to reflect the light in a manner that produces more brilliant light with more colors of the spectrum, to emulate sunlight better than any light on the market, thus allowing plants to grow 30% faster, thus creating 2 additional growth cycles per year, based on a 90 day growth cycle.  Due to the improved reflection, the wattage of the bulbs are much lower than currently needed to produce similar brilliance.
Summary: Nano particles can “convert” higher energy (smaller wavelength) light into wavelengths which are more useful for plants."

Nano Tech Grow Light fixtures are rated Best Grow Lights 2015