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I received a call about 8 months ago from a friend Mr. Li, a good friend employed by one of the major development banks of the world. Mr. Li knows I am always looking for opportunities, disruptive technologies, as well as energy reduction technologies. Establishing small changes with the intent of making the world a better place, and if we make money along the way it's even better.

Mr. Li was attending an invention competition convention in Europe and stumbled on a totally new grow light system (UL-150GLS) invented by a Taiwanese think tank of scientists. Two years of researching and testing with incredible results were established before the public was allowed to visualize this grow light system.
The reduction in the use/cost of electricity was what originally peaked my full attention.

Then I found out about a government subsidized company in Iceland who was replacing 35 acres of high pressure sodium grow lights with the “GLS” grow light systems. Iceland has some of the cheapest electricity in the world, so I was totally confused as to why they were buying the “GLS” light system. Then I found out, the “GLS” grow light system dramatically decreases the time it takes for plants to mature.  In most cases it cuts the grow cycle time by as much as 33%.  So if a normal plant takes 3 months to mature, a plant grown with the "GLS" grow system takes only 2 months to mature.

Disruptive Technology from GLS Nano tech lighting

The dramatic electricity savings along with reducing the grow cycle time by 33% shows me the “GLS” system is the most revolutionary grow light system the world has ever seen.

When Mr. Li called to tell me about this new invention he said “I would freak out”.  He was correct, it did freak me out and I am still freaked out! Sincerely, Wayne Bryan Sr. founder of Grow Light Speed, LLC

We are currently specializing, advising, and equipping large scale indoor grow facilities/operations in the US and Canada with our GLS grow light systems.

We were fortunate enough to have Inna Ivishik, a Pappalardo Fellow in the department of physics at MIT, who was able to research out Nanometer grow light system. Inna, also has a Ph.D in Applied Physics from Stanford University.

Here are Inna's comments:

“The light fixtures are coated with nanometer sized crystals, arranged in a pattern to reflect the light in a manner that produces more brilliant light with more colors of the spectrum, to emulate sunlight better than any light on the market, thus allowing plants to grow 33% faster, thus creating 2 additional growth cycles per year, based on a 90 day growth cycle.  Due to the improved reflection, the wattage of the bulbs are much lower than currently needed to produce similar brilliance.
Summary: Nano particles can “convert” higher energy (smaller wavelength) light into wavelengths which are more useful for plants.

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