Warehouse Lighting, Industrial lighting and Parking Light Nano Tech Lighting Fixtures

For the Industrial and commercial warehouse and parking lot owners who want to save 80% on their monthly electric bills, and light up their properties with brighter lighting. Our scientist developed the reflective surface coating on our fixtures at the Nano-meter level (atom level) placing atom crystals in strategic patterns to produce unsurpassed brilliance with a spectrum of colors impossible to produce until today. In simple terms, our scientists developed our reflective surfaces by arranging and rearranging crystal atoms. These crystals are faceted with millions upon millions of tiny edges sending every color in the light spectrum and obtaining the optimum brilliance, hence our light is the closest to sunlight. This explains the massive brightness our light produces that no one has ever seen, over 400% brighter than the bulb, and 99.3% efficient. We truly have the most scientific and technologically advanced lighting systems ever invented. The metal halide bulb is 5% of the lighting equation and the Nano tech coating is 95%, which magnifies the light at into huge multiples. Bulbs can be replaced for as little as $20-$25 at Amazon.

Warehouse light fixture wide angle indoor Nano technology


Warehouse Wide Angle indoor 210 Degree Nano Light Fixture GLS306


Warehouse light fixture spot indoor Nano technology


Warehouse Spot indoor 160 Degree Nano Light Fixture GLS303


Parking lot light fixure Nano technology


Parking Lot Outdoor Nano Light Fixture GLS603


Parking lot light fixure Nano technology

Street Light Outdoor Nano Light Fixture GLS503